Sunday, August 16, 2009

Toba Inlet Trip in Contrast

here is a poem and some picks from the next trip i did into the mountains and up Toba Inlet. the weather was in stark contrast to the first one i wrote about, so it gives you a nice veiw of the other side of the area, and the Poem (written By Tania Parker from NZ) captures the trip brilliantly.



Desolation Sound

I met Cathy and Tracey one bored day

What’s there to do in Powell River I say?

We’re off on a seven day kayak

Join us and get ready to pack

Wasn’t quite what I had in mind

But inspired we set off with adventure to find

We arrived at Powell River Sea Kayak Site

And met Don looking for an adventure to write

Jaime our Kiwi Guide lead the way

His big smile dissolved any doubts away

Sitting sturdy and tall we paddled out on the bay

And found an easy gait gliding in suns ray

I learnt that paddling requires an easy flow

As one with nature – don’t fight it – just let go

Tree-lined shores of feathery leaves greet us

Pungent aroma of Pine, Spruce and Aubutus

Tracey with his stealth way

Photographs the eagle with its prey

Don sings fly eagles fly

And with a swoop they soar for the sky

Jaime calls out a songful tune

And the wild responds with the sound of a Lune

The Raven sings a tune for fun

And Jaime adds yet another one

Occasional shy seals stare wide eyed

Heads bobbing in rhythm with tide

We gaze upon them without line of sight

To keep the Mum and Pup from diving in fright

Jaime being one step ahead

Pulls us up to a bay for an awesome spread

Diving into the cool clear water

Finding sun spots of head – well… sort’a

We push off out on the bay

Fish jumping and Porpoises making way

Gliding up to a rock leaning tower

We all enjoy a waterfall shower

Then we hoisted a spinnaker made tent

And sailed along singing until the wind was spent

With our destination in sight

We setup camp for the night

With a smile Cathy lends a hand

To gather wood from across the sand

Unpacking kayaks is part of it all

Keep track of your sunnies as there is no mall

Full of blatant innuendo

Entertained by a kayak dog rappo

Sharing kai moana around a fire

How could life get any higher

Although another whiskey would have been nice

It wasn’t required for our life of spice

Another day draws to an end

We retire to tents for slumber to mend

When dawn breaks in luminous ray

The melodious blackbird has her say

And so begins a brand new day

Full of adventure and joyous play

We kayak up to Toba Inlet

Enjoying another picnic set

Finding peace and tranquillity

To be found right here in Canada, BC.

By T.Parker

Also see Dons Blog for his in depth story of the trip