About Jaime Sharp

I was born, in Christchurch New Zealand, to a South African father and New Zealand mother (who meet in Israel). International travel and adventure is in my blood, from the moment I could walk, it has been about adventure, Nature and finding my own way through life. My father's stories of working in the wilds of Namibia, Africa instilled a passion for experiencing the wild places on earth, and the wilder animals that live there.

An avid white water kayaker, turned Pro Sea Kayak  and Travel Guide I have worked and paddled in amazing places, like Panama, Belize, Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Fiji, Croatia etc,. I have also worked in the arctic of Canada as a Dogsled Guide and Wolf Naturalist, where I got to experience my Polar bears, Musk ox, Wolves and many other Story book creatures of my youth. However there are a lot more places on my list to see.

Now Based out of British Columbia Canada, where the wild nature of the Pacific North West has captured my wild soul. I strive to see the less traveled places of the world and to discover my personal teachings while hopefully inspiring others to follow their dreams!