Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Yak about has begun.

i have my new blog up for my Yak About project

I plan to travel to worldly destinations with my new Trak T1600 folding kayak and paddle the waters that are found there. I also plan to paddle wild water of the rivers in the areas I visit when possible. I will use whatever vessel I can find, thats suitable (if the Trak won’t do) to enjoy the challenge.

this blog will share my experiences with those who wish to look, and celebrate and promote the places, beauty and characters that i stumble across on my way.

Thanks Trak for supplying me with the Boat and a chance to see what it can do.


Check it out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bone Fishing Belize

I stand in crystal clear knee deep water, the bleach white sand below me also stretches into oblivion. Through the gentle ripples of the Azure framed Sand Flat, I watch from afar as slight dark shapes move about. My carefully casted fly is waiting just in front of the moving submarine ghosts. I begin to strip in the line with a twitching motion as the movement approaches closer to the fly. I unwittingly hold my breath as three shapes move out of the now more obvious group of bone fish and follow my fly. A tug on my line, I strip in, another tug I strip again and this time the line rapidly pulls back. The line feeds out as quickly as my heart now races, the slack line engages the reel and there comes a “whizz!” as the line is taken and taken (bone fish are famous for their fight, despite their small size they can put up one hell of a fight). this is the joy of bone fishing, or any fishing to that matter, the play of wits, beautiful surroundings and occasionally the joy of sneering your pray.

My beautiful picture

Miles of shallow water stretches the coast of Belize, which boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world (after Australia's Great Barrier Reef). this relatively protected water, behind the barrier reef and inside Belize three Atoll reefs, not only provides wonderful and stunning waters to kayak in and hundreds of Cayes (islands) to stay on; it also provides for some world class salt water fly fishing.

pano bacco Tabbaco caye

826515259_dsc_0130 South water Caye at sunset

fly fishing and kayaking can work wonderfully together, kitted with a kayak and a four or six piece collapsible rod with reel, you have the ability to access some prime reef flats, choc a bloc with Permit, Tarpon and the sought after Bone fish. Also it allows you personal freedom to explore at will deep mangrove channels, wide clear reef flats and with the help of mask and snorkel, the beautiful coral reef and the many reef fish not attached to the end of your fly rod.

I have spent a week now at Glover’s reef atoll, enjoying some great kayaking, snorkelling and fly fishing between the 5 islands. I have had years of experience in Belize leading tours and thoroughly recommend the experience here. My beautiful picture

I encourage any keen fly fisherman or kayaker to pack a Trak kayak and/or a collapsible fly rod and explore the coast of Belize. You can choose to camp out or you can stay at any number of great lodges on the many Cayes. If you need to rent a kayak (haven’t got your Trak kayak yet?) you can contact Island expeditions for kayak rentals, camping equipment and local advice.

Tonight I sit at bar at the end of a dock over the water and drink a wonderful Local beer called Belikin and gaze at the stars as the warm NE trade winds blow through the palm leaves. I have a week left in Belize before the next adventure starts, so I will make the most of it and enjoy every moment and experience as though I may never experience it again.