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Svalbard Circumnavigation Expedition Nominated for “Expedition of the Year” 2016 by Canoe and Kayak Mag.

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Expedition of the Year Presented by Nexen Tire
Awarded to the team that completes the toughest, most committing and historically significant paddling expedition of the year. Multi-sport expeditions are eligible if paddling is integral to the mission.
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Svalbard Islands Circumnavigation Vote
The Team: Tara Mulvany, Jaime Sharp, Per Gustav Porsanger
What: The ‘Unclaimed Circumnavigation’ of Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago; the last team to attempt this exped’ where almost killed by a polar bear. 3 previous attempts failed.
How: Late last summer, New Zealand sea kayakers Sharp and Mulvany teamed with Porsanger, of Norway, for a first-ever, 1,370-mile circumnavigation of the remote Arctic archipelago. In 71 days marked by gale-force winds, thick fog, and debris-choked water, the team’s route included a 43-mile, 15-hour crossing as well a 26-hour push across the 110-mile cliff front of Europe’s largest glacier. And polar bears. Lots of polar bears.
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