Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kayak Down Under Documentary Donate and Create

Help us Create an awesome short film about our adventure. we are looking for funding.

Golden sands, warm breaking beach surf, starry skies, friendly people, fresh fish for dinner, Sunburns, swimming in paradise, Storms, Gale force winds, Rain, being stuck in a tent for days, Penguins, Dolphins, Seals, kayaking over water like quicksilver, Sea caves, a soapy hot shower after 30 days of hard salty work, good food and new friends, Broken gear, empty deserted beaches, jungle, pain, fun, anger and laughs. This will be a kayaking Trip along the east coast of New Zealand.

I Jaime Sharp (pro adventure guide, and traveler) have organised an expedition, with my good friend Dave Briggs, to paddle, 3 months down the east coast of New Zealand by sea kayak starting Feb 1st 2011.

Kayak Downunder NZ Fundraising video from Wandering Wolf Productions on Vimeo.

Feb 1st to April 31st 2011 or about 90 days
The trip along the east coast of NZ, North to South is roughly 1474.8 Nautical Miles total.
We are recording the journey and hope to make a 60 min documentary on the adventure, spotlighting Sea Kayaking in history in New Zealand and the people we meet along the way.
Dave and I have invested a lot of money into committing to and out fitting the expedition, and we need money to get the rest of the quality camera gear we need to capture our adventure, and also to edit the final product professionally. Thus through kick starter we are hoping to raise at least $5000 US to fund the HD video equipment, Audio gear and post production we need to give the documentary the professional appeal it deserves.
Post production will be done with help of Pure production New Zealand (, with major input from Dave and I.
The final product will be available for sale and will hopefully be entered into adventure film festivals.
Thank you for your belief and support in our project.

help us out with

Recieve a big hearty thanks for your support. we will send you a personal thank you email with a picture of the crew and keep you updated on production developments and also offer you a great funders purchase price on the final product.


as well as the above we will send you a copy of the DVD final cut before we release it to the rest of the the awaiting world. This will not be a Nicely boxed DVD, but a fully functional pre release signed copy. you will also get a small signed limited edition thank you picture from the trip.

you get the $15 rewards and your name in the credtis at the end of the documentary as a key supporter.

You get as for the $40, but the DVD will be the extended editors cut version.

Name in Credits, extended DVD and a Limited edition photo blow up from the trip. signed with thanks from Dave and Jaime

all the rewards of the $400 slot, but you get named as an assitant producer at the end of documentary.
ONLY TWO AVAILIBLE, Email to check its still there we will remove option as soon as they are taken

Named as Executive producer plus all the perks of the $400 dollar slot
ONLY ONE AVAILIBLE, Email to check its still there we will remove option as soon as it is taken
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Or donate your preffered amount and we will award you with the reward slot you exceed.