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Great New Pod Cast On Traveling New Zealand - Bare Kiwi!!

Here is the first installment of this fun and great informative Pod cast on NZ!!

Bare Kiwi Checks Out Escape Rentals

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Worlds Largest Cave Discovery 2009

Very cool i would like to see it one day, gives me  a reason to go back to vietnam!

Hang Son Doong, world's largest cave discovered - photos

Photo gallery of the world's largest cave from Hang Son Doon, Vietnam.

1 May, 2009
A 13-man British caving team has claimed that they have discovered the world’s largest cave, called the Hang Son Doong cave or Mountain River Cave, in the jungles of Hang Son Doong, in Vietnam.
The British team was assisted by representatives of the Hanoi University of Science in the expedition.
Reports say that the Hang Son Doong (Mountain River cave) measures more than 650 ft in height and 500 ft in width.
The Hang Son Doong cave is said to be nearly twice the size of the current largest cave in the world, the Deer Cave in Sarawak, Malaysia this is over 100 yards high and 90 yards wide.
As we know only too well, pictures speak a bloody lot more than words. And so we have collected a set of photos of the world's largest cave for you here. Enjoy the photo gallery!

Hang Son Doong cave photo - water gushing through the world's largest cave.
The joint British-Vietnamese Caving Expedition 2009 was conducted over five days in Vietnam’s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in mid-April 2009.
Adam Spillane, a member of the British caving team was quoted as saying, "It is a truly amazing sized cave and one of the most significant discoveries by a British caving team."
Hang Son Doong photo cave picture
Photo: Hang Song Doong cave mouth
"The complete survey is at present being drawn up but initial estimates show the main passage to be 200 metres (656 ft) high in places and possibly greater in some sections. Much of the passage width is over 100 metres (328 ft) but certain sections are over 150 metres wide (492 ft)," he added.
Hang Son Doong photo
Hang Son Doon cave looks magical in this photo
The mouth of the Hang Son Doong cave was first discovered by a local, Ho Khanh, in 1991.
“Khanh has been a guide for the team in many expeditions to the jungle to explore caves and this year he took a team to the cave which had never been entered before by anyone including local jungle men,” Spillane said.
Magical picture of Hang Son Doong
What the hell - Cave interior looks like a miniature underground Grand Canyon in this photo!
He explained that one one entered the Hang Son Doong cave because "the entrance was small by Vietnamese cave standards and emitted a frightful wind and noise which was due to a large underground river.”
The British caving team had to trek for six hours through the jungle to access the Hang Son Doong cave. They had to contend with two underground rivers to reach the main passage of the Hang Son Doong cave.
Hang Son Doong cave mouth photo
And there's the light, at the end of the cave!
Climbing down into a large chamber, they had to negotiate two underground rivers before reaching the main passage of the Hang Son Doong.
Hang Son Doong cave interior photo
PIcture: Hang Son Doong stream
Using the LaserRace 300, a laser measuring device, the British caving team has returned to the UK to analyse the data it has collected.
Sometime later in 2009, the caving team will return to Vietnam for a full survey of the Hang Son Doong cave.
Spillane has said that the Hang Son Doong cave is 6.5km long at present but the end of the main passage still continues with a calcite wall of over 45m high, which has halted the progress of the expedition.
Hang Son Doong photo gallery

Hang Son Doong photo

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First Week In Norway (part 1)

From the moment I landed it was straight to work, talking, walking, driving and seeing all the cool sights DID Adventure uses for trips. My jet lag did catch me out a bit and Didrick found me falling asleep on him as we drove around over the first 4 days as he explained his corporate trips and how he wants to expand into the commercial sea kayak guiding business.

work truck ready for adventure


Sea kayaking here is very awesome, it is not so much about the wildlife as it is about the wild civilisation, there are houses and little fishing villages in some of the most remote and exposed coastal areas out here, and some of the buildings are over 200 years old. The Coast line, though exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and beaten to a pulp in winter, is very mild in the summer season, with an average swell of what appears to be about half a meter. very nice for coastal sea kayak trips. There is also a lot of amazing and unique places to use as accommodation for lodge based trips along the coast, we should be able to make a great trip here for sure!

To read More click below

Thomas and I
My Trak on the road during Portage
Coastal Drizzel!

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2010 Norwegian Newspaper article on Sea kayaking in Norway with me in it

Here is an article I appeared in with my work
on developing and running a trip in Molde, Norway in 2010. It was in Norsk and Google
interpreted it for me, I have left it rough for the fun of it!


Link to actual site and article


Opplev Moldivene med kajakk

Experience Moldivene by kayak

Do you have close contact with the fjord, Molde islets and sea eagles?. Then you go on a kayak with guides  Jaime and Thomas of DID Adventure.
Iver Gjelstenli
 Published: 08/14/2010 at. 06:00 6:00

 The daily pace duel with "Hjertøya" end the season this weekend, but there are other deals for people who do not have your own boat. June, Didrick Ose in DID Adventure had an offer of daily trips by sea kayak to Molde islets.
 Moldivene. Guides Jaime Sharp and Thomas Berg Hestad provides safe passage in the steady one-and two-man kayaks. The offer will continue through August.
 There is a reason many have begun to call for Molde Holmene Moldivene. This is really something to show for tourists, and kayaking makes people experience nature in a close way.  We add up to a trip on the 4 to 5 hours from Lubbers to Sæterøy and Hjertøya.  On the way we go on land to eat lunch and stretch your legs.  We have put us at a reasonable price, 500 per person.  Then lunch included, "says general manager of the DID Adventure, Didrick Ose.
Saturday a week ago, there were seven people on the trip with Jaime and Thomas: Mari Skeie, Svein Tore Tande, Grant Potter, Max Cammidge, Sebastian Bjerkvik, Anita Pedersen Harald Pedersen.
– Vi hadde en flott tur i strålende vær. - We had a great trip in glorious weather. This really inspired several trips on the lake with kayaks, "said Anita Pedersen.
God opplevelse. Good experience. The tours begin with a brief review of the safety, basic paddling techniques and how to control the rudder on a kayak with his feet.
This is the guide, not a kayak course.  The emphasis is, therefore, that participants will gain a good experience.  After a brief chat, sitting all in kayaks on the way to Molde islets, "said Jaime Sharp. He comes from New Zealand and educated padleinstuktør with long experience as a guide in many countries.
 Norway is a wonderland for people who want to experience nature at sea, rivers and mountains. Had Molde  been in New Zealand or Canada there would have been plenty of offers of the kind that DID Adventure offers, he says.
  Security. Hestad Thomas can reassure people who are afraid to pass when they cross the fjord in such a flimsy craft.  We use stable kayaks. Are you sitting in one of our two-man kayaks, both go for it if they get the kayak to go around. Should anyone be so unfortunate to fall into the sea, we will make sure they are up in the kayak again within a few minutes. All paddle course with the life vest, "said Thomas Berg Hestad.
 DID Adventure want the participants to get a good paddling and nature experience. The content of the trip can be to some extent varied according to require from the participants.
– Vi padler gjerne rundt til sørsida av Sæterøya. - We like to paddle around the south side of Sæterøy. Der får vi ofte nærkontakt med havørn. There, we often close contact with the eagles. 

Lunch we take in Hjertøya, and then a tour of the Fisheries Museum of natural elements.
The nature trail is popular when we have Family on tours, and of course we Can swim during the course Home through the idyllic Valan (lagoon), "said Jaime Sharp.
  More tours. Didrick Ose hope more people get your eyes for this trip.
We stand ready to walk every day.  Just call us or contact the tourist office on Market. With two guides, we can take up to 14 participants on each trip, "said Didrick Ose.
  The guides in DID Adventure is also aware of other trips by sea kayak.We welcome people on longer trips with accommodation.For example, a trip across Hustadvika between Molde and Kristiansund.  Gossen around or to the islands on the Romsdal coast. Just contact us, "said Didrick Ose in DID Adventure.

Rbnett ønsker en åpen og saklig debatt. Vi forbeholder oss retten til å forkorte, redigere og eventuelt fjerne innlegg.
Klikk her
for å lese alle reglene for debatten.

Innføring: Jaime Sharp gir en kort orientering om sikkerhet og padleteknikk før avgang fra Lubbenes.

Hjertøya: Padlere passerer Hjertøyplassen.

Moldefjorden: Padlerne på veg mot Sæterøya.
Lunsj: Kajakkguide Jaime Sharp serverer lunsj på Hjertøya.
Guider: Thomas Berg Hestad og Jaime Sharp

Padletur med guide

  • Hva: Guidet fjord- og holmetur med havkajakk i regi av DID Adventure. Turen tar 4 – 5 timer.
  • Hvor: Moldeholmene. Start på Lubbenes. Turen går til Sæterøya og Hjertøya.
  • Guider: Jaime Sharp og Thomas Berg Hestad
  • Sesong: 15. juni til 31. august
  • Mat og drikke: Lunsj inkludert i prisen.
  • Pris: 500 kroner per person.
  • Andre turer: DID Adventure har mange andre tilbud for folk som vil på tur med kajakk. Turen kan gjerne gå til Hustadvika, Eikesdalsvatnet eller til området ved Atlanterhavsvegen. For andre tilbud, se nettsidene.
  • Nett:

Star Tour starter opp turer fra Molde til Rhodos fra mai 2011

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Svalbard kayakers attacked by Polar Bear

I was just researching the possibility of doing just this trip, as i had found out it had yet to be done.
the last failed attempt was in 2008 By Alon Ohad and Tim Starr my hopes arrose at the possibility of succesfully doing this trip in the coming years. Then I discovered a couple of norwegians where doing the trip this year and I was excited for them and a little sad at a lost opurtunity. Now i am a little weary of the prospect, however they say third times a charm!
Maybe 2012 i will give it a shot?

Here is the sad news of the second failed attempt on the "first kayak circumnavigating Svalbard Archipaligo, Norway".

Two Norwegians Sebastian Plur Nilssen, 22, and Ludvig Fjeld, 22, had a nightmare awakening on Svalbard Thursday. Plur Nilssen was dragged out of the tent by a Polar Bear. His expedition partner managed to shoot the bear.

The two Norwegians where on an expedition to circumnavigate the whole Svalbard archipelago in kayaks and started from Longyearbyen July 5. They where on the north coast of Nordaustlandet on Ekstremhuken when the attack happened midday Thursday July 29.

The Polar Bear went into the tent and dragged Plur Nilssen 40 meters along the beach before his friend managed to kill the bear.

Two hours after Sysselmannen, governor of Svalbard, got the report his Super Puma helicopter landed on the beach with a nurse on board.

The two kayakers were immediately flown back to Longyearbyen and Plur Nilsen was taken to hospital.
According to the latest reports his condition is stable but not life threatening. He has wounds on the head, neck and upper body.

According to Sysselmannen it is very seldom that a Polar Bear attacks tents. There are approximately 3000 Polar Bears on Svalbard.

The dream of circumnavigating Svalbard ended Thursday July 29th by a Polar Bear attack.
courtesy Arild Lyssand/Sysselmannen Svalbard
The two Norwegians used trip wires to scare of the Polar Bear, but it didn't work.
courtesy Arild Lyssand/Sysselmannen på Svalbard
Plur Nilssen beeing carried to to rescue and flown to the local hospital for surgery. He is out of danger.
courtesy Arild Lyssand/Sysselmannen på Svalbard
It was a male on 360 kilos that attacked the camp.
courtesy Per Andreassen/Sysselmannen Svalbard
The Polar Bear was shot dead 40 meters from the camp (to the right of the tent).
courtesy Arild Lyssand/Sysselmannen Svalbard

Article Translated by explorers web at

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Soft Power Health

Dr. Jessie Stone gave up traditional medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a world class whitewater kayaker. While kayaking on the Nile in Uganda, she realizes that malaria is an epidemic and has decided to do something about it.

Now available on DVD. Runtime 19 minutes. Buy now!
All proceeds from sales of the video go directly to support Jessie Stone's work in Uganda

New Support From Power Film

Power Film Solar has agreed to support "World Wild Adventures" and the "Yak About The World" Project.

I will soon be the proud owner of a couple of "R21 Roll-able Solar Chargers". I look forward to receiving these soon and giving a review on their performance in the feild.

for more info follow the link below


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My First Day in Norway

Norway2010-8641Norway is a purely spectacular and beautiful country and I have yet to find an ugly place here. The kayaking options for white water and sea are endless as well as the mountains to climb, ski and run on.
Ok so I have been a real slacker! 8 weeks in Norway and I am only just now getting a post up about it, Better late than never I guess!
Taking off from where the last post ended:
After a short 30 minute flight to Molde, the plane dropped towards the clouds that blanketed the coast entirely, except for the tall snow capped mountain peaks which reached to the sky like jagged teeth. The sun, which struck a wonderful light across the stark exaggerated view below the plane, disappeared with the sights as the plane dropped through the dark rain clouds. The sights through the window emerged into a wet and dark fjord and the plane landed, with a light bump, upon a damp airstrip next to the ocean. Stepping from the plane I was struck by the smell of ocean and fresh mountain air all mixed into one.
In the terminal, my boss Didrick and his two boys Jesper and Bendict where waiting for me. “Hei Hei Jaime, Velkommen to Molde!” stated Didrick with a big Smile and a strong Handshake. Didrick the Owner of DID Adventure is a big strong blonde chap who upon looking at you can’t help but think back to the Viking History of the people here. I am here, at Didrick’s insistence over the last 2 years, to work with him in trying to help develop sea kayaking in Molde and in Norway in general. Sea kayaking, though a popular sport here in Norway, appears to be underdeveloped commercially and is having trouble taking off. I hope I can help though with some ideas from my experiences working as a guide for allot of different companies in New Zealand, Canada, Belize, and Panama.sports farm
Loading my remaining stuff into the work truck we drive back to Didrick’s “Sports Farm” as he calls it, here I find my new accommodations in the upstairs of an Octagonal building, with kitchen, washroom and bedroom all for my use and conveniently a door away from the work office. The Farm is a beautiful old place (the main building almost 200 years old), is right near the ocean and conveniently close to the airport, so much so that you would walk across the airstrip to get to the sea, thankfully the airport is not that busy.
That night I had dinner and meet Trine, Didrick’s wife and then Didrick and I sat down to a business meeting until 1 am when my jet lag wouldn’t let me stay awake any more. DID adventures does allot of corporate work and I have arrived just in time for the most busiest part of all that and will be helping out, thus I had allot to learn in 3 days, but for now it was to sleep for me.

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