Sunday, August 1, 2010

My First Day in Norway

Norway2010-8641Norway is a purely spectacular and beautiful country and I have yet to find an ugly place here. The kayaking options for white water and sea are endless as well as the mountains to climb, ski and run on.
Ok so I have been a real slacker! 8 weeks in Norway and I am only just now getting a post up about it, Better late than never I guess!
Taking off from where the last post ended:
After a short 30 minute flight to Molde, the plane dropped towards the clouds that blanketed the coast entirely, except for the tall snow capped mountain peaks which reached to the sky like jagged teeth. The sun, which struck a wonderful light across the stark exaggerated view below the plane, disappeared with the sights as the plane dropped through the dark rain clouds. The sights through the window emerged into a wet and dark fjord and the plane landed, with a light bump, upon a damp airstrip next to the ocean. Stepping from the plane I was struck by the smell of ocean and fresh mountain air all mixed into one.
In the terminal, my boss Didrick and his two boys Jesper and Bendict where waiting for me. “Hei Hei Jaime, Velkommen to Molde!” stated Didrick with a big Smile and a strong Handshake. Didrick the Owner of DID Adventure is a big strong blonde chap who upon looking at you can’t help but think back to the Viking History of the people here. I am here, at Didrick’s insistence over the last 2 years, to work with him in trying to help develop sea kayaking in Molde and in Norway in general. Sea kayaking, though a popular sport here in Norway, appears to be underdeveloped commercially and is having trouble taking off. I hope I can help though with some ideas from my experiences working as a guide for allot of different companies in New Zealand, Canada, Belize, and Panama.sports farm
Loading my remaining stuff into the work truck we drive back to Didrick’s “Sports Farm” as he calls it, here I find my new accommodations in the upstairs of an Octagonal building, with kitchen, washroom and bedroom all for my use and conveniently a door away from the work office. The Farm is a beautiful old place (the main building almost 200 years old), is right near the ocean and conveniently close to the airport, so much so that you would walk across the airstrip to get to the sea, thankfully the airport is not that busy.
That night I had dinner and meet Trine, Didrick’s wife and then Didrick and I sat down to a business meeting until 1 am when my jet lag wouldn’t let me stay awake any more. DID adventures does allot of corporate work and I have arrived just in time for the most busiest part of all that and will be helping out, thus I had allot to learn in 3 days, but for now it was to sleep for me.

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