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2010 Norwegian Newspaper article on Sea kayaking in Norway with me in it

Here is an article I appeared in with my work
on developing and running a trip in Molde, Norway in 2010. It was in Norsk and Google
interpreted it for me, I have left it rough for the fun of it!


Link to actual site and article


Opplev Moldivene med kajakk

Experience Moldivene by kayak

Do you have close contact with the fjord, Molde islets and sea eagles?. Then you go on a kayak with guides  Jaime and Thomas of DID Adventure.
Iver Gjelstenli
 Published: 08/14/2010 at. 06:00 6:00

 The daily pace duel with "Hjertøya" end the season this weekend, but there are other deals for people who do not have your own boat. June, Didrick Ose in DID Adventure had an offer of daily trips by sea kayak to Molde islets.
 Moldivene. Guides Jaime Sharp and Thomas Berg Hestad provides safe passage in the steady one-and two-man kayaks. The offer will continue through August.
 There is a reason many have begun to call for Molde Holmene Moldivene. This is really something to show for tourists, and kayaking makes people experience nature in a close way.  We add up to a trip on the 4 to 5 hours from Lubbers to Sæterøy and Hjertøya.  On the way we go on land to eat lunch and stretch your legs.  We have put us at a reasonable price, 500 per person.  Then lunch included, "says general manager of the DID Adventure, Didrick Ose.
Saturday a week ago, there were seven people on the trip with Jaime and Thomas: Mari Skeie, Svein Tore Tande, Grant Potter, Max Cammidge, Sebastian Bjerkvik, Anita Pedersen Harald Pedersen.
– Vi hadde en flott tur i strålende vær. - We had a great trip in glorious weather. This really inspired several trips on the lake with kayaks, "said Anita Pedersen.
God opplevelse. Good experience. The tours begin with a brief review of the safety, basic paddling techniques and how to control the rudder on a kayak with his feet.
This is the guide, not a kayak course.  The emphasis is, therefore, that participants will gain a good experience.  After a brief chat, sitting all in kayaks on the way to Molde islets, "said Jaime Sharp. He comes from New Zealand and educated padleinstuktør with long experience as a guide in many countries.
 Norway is a wonderland for people who want to experience nature at sea, rivers and mountains. Had Molde  been in New Zealand or Canada there would have been plenty of offers of the kind that DID Adventure offers, he says.
  Security. Hestad Thomas can reassure people who are afraid to pass when they cross the fjord in such a flimsy craft.  We use stable kayaks. Are you sitting in one of our two-man kayaks, both go for it if they get the kayak to go around. Should anyone be so unfortunate to fall into the sea, we will make sure they are up in the kayak again within a few minutes. All paddle course with the life vest, "said Thomas Berg Hestad.
 DID Adventure want the participants to get a good paddling and nature experience. The content of the trip can be to some extent varied according to require from the participants.
– Vi padler gjerne rundt til sørsida av Sæterøya. - We like to paddle around the south side of Sæterøy. Der får vi ofte nærkontakt med havørn. There, we often close contact with the eagles. 

Lunch we take in Hjertøya, and then a tour of the Fisheries Museum of natural elements.
The nature trail is popular when we have Family on tours, and of course we Can swim during the course Home through the idyllic Valan (lagoon), "said Jaime Sharp.
  More tours. Didrick Ose hope more people get your eyes for this trip.
We stand ready to walk every day.  Just call us or contact the tourist office on Market. With two guides, we can take up to 14 participants on each trip, "said Didrick Ose.
  The guides in DID Adventure is also aware of other trips by sea kayak.We welcome people on longer trips with accommodation.For example, a trip across Hustadvika between Molde and Kristiansund.  Gossen around or to the islands on the Romsdal coast. Just contact us, "said Didrick Ose in DID Adventure.

Rbnett ønsker en åpen og saklig debatt. Vi forbeholder oss retten til å forkorte, redigere og eventuelt fjerne innlegg.
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Innføring: Jaime Sharp gir en kort orientering om sikkerhet og padleteknikk før avgang fra Lubbenes.

Hjertøya: Padlere passerer Hjertøyplassen.

Moldefjorden: Padlerne på veg mot Sæterøya.
Lunsj: Kajakkguide Jaime Sharp serverer lunsj på Hjertøya.
Guider: Thomas Berg Hestad og Jaime Sharp

Padletur med guide

  • Hva: Guidet fjord- og holmetur med havkajakk i regi av DID Adventure. Turen tar 4 – 5 timer.
  • Hvor: Moldeholmene. Start på Lubbenes. Turen går til Sæterøya og Hjertøya.
  • Guider: Jaime Sharp og Thomas Berg Hestad
  • Sesong: 15. juni til 31. august
  • Mat og drikke: Lunsj inkludert i prisen.
  • Pris: 500 kroner per person.
  • Andre turer: DID Adventure har mange andre tilbud for folk som vil på tur med kajakk. Turen kan gjerne gå til Hustadvika, Eikesdalsvatnet eller til området ved Atlanterhavsvegen. For andre tilbud, se nettsidene.
  • Nett:

Star Tour starter opp turer fra Molde til Rhodos fra mai 2011

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