Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Week In Norway (part 1)

From the moment I landed it was straight to work, talking, walking, driving and seeing all the cool sights DID Adventure uses for trips. My jet lag did catch me out a bit and Didrick found me falling asleep on him as we drove around over the first 4 days as he explained his corporate trips and how he wants to expand into the commercial sea kayak guiding business.

work truck ready for adventure


Sea kayaking here is very awesome, it is not so much about the wildlife as it is about the wild civilisation, there are houses and little fishing villages in some of the most remote and exposed coastal areas out here, and some of the buildings are over 200 years old. The Coast line, though exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and beaten to a pulp in winter, is very mild in the summer season, with an average swell of what appears to be about half a meter. very nice for coastal sea kayak trips. There is also a lot of amazing and unique places to use as accommodation for lodge based trips along the coast, we should be able to make a great trip here for sure!

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Thomas and I
My Trak on the road during Portage
Coastal Drizzel!

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