Thursday, March 6, 2014

The New Zealand Roadie is Over Though the Yak About Continues


Today I hop back on a plane to NZ, the trip here is over, I say goodbye to my homeland and head for my chosen home of BC Canada. We had an amazing adventure this season, I now have loads of Film and Photo to edit, debt to work off and a smile on my face (not to mention some stress and apprehension, everything comes with its costs), though the Yak About continues, from here it is white water season in BC, I then have a Sea Kayak Trip in Sardinia to run and then it is the summer season in north America and I am bound to be on the Road Again with TRAK Kayaks, promoting their Folding Kayak “The Seeker”. Stay tuned for more adventures and updates on the “short film Series”.

below is some of the photographic highlights of the southern summer in NZ.


ff_140115_53261005938_293271910798093_271659819_n1477408_10153705224355608_689321521_nff_140115_53551524193_292139570911327_1138815897_o1532144_289043447887606_1921784415_n1548143_294099844048633_1993051954_o1619095_294411030684181_1788343183_n1779686_294411427350808_913631983_nff_131231_1321ff_140102_1716ff_140103_2060-Editff_140106_29741IMG_9668(c)Worldwildadventures-00003DCIM\101GOPROIMG_13732014-02-14 14.28.10IMG_1288IMG_4447 - CopyIMG_8416IMG_8464IMG_7016 - CopyIMG_1378IMG_9652ff_140108_3159ff_140109_3416ff_140112_4219ff_140113_4457ff_140105_25521IMG_7412 - CopyIMG_7552 - CopyIMG_8203 - CopyDCIM\100GOPROIMG_4353 - CopyDCIM\100GOPRO

Sourced from My Yak About Adventures Project Blog