Monday, March 1, 2010

Reminiscing Coiba


Golden Sand, Blue Crystal waters, Turtles, Mantas, Monkeys and Sharks. this Is a Lost World of wonder Hardly explored and full of beauty. I feel privileged to have visited Isla Coiba.

we spent nights under the star filled skies watching the waxing moon build to its climax over the nights. the crescendo was our final night paddling back to the cabins at the ranger station where the sunset the sky on fire, as well as the moon that simultaneously rose out of the east. it was large and red and framed by the silhouettes of the Islets covered in jungle, we lingered and watched it rise to its milky white heights and felt humbled to be in such a serene place.

panacent-7857 panacent-7874
during the days we often walked into the shade of the Forest, where monkeys played and birds sang and the sun dappled green Leaves like glowing green jewels, hid the source of many a strange cry of beauty. however now and then little white faced monkey troops privileged us with lengthy sightings of there clan as they rummaged through the trees or along the coastal shores.


Our kayaks where our transport and the rolling warm pacific seas our medium to travel upon. below us the depths called, you could see the fish swimming below and in the shallows the bright colours of the coral reefs beckoned for us to snorkel at every moment. tall trees reached high from the rocky shores to the sky promising cool shade from the hot sun, though the water won out more often than not.

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the waters where warm yet cooling and full of fish that danced and swirled and encompassed you if you chose to plunge into the depths. Giant pacific green turtles would rise from the reef to get a better look at us if we floated as still as could be, while Hawks billed turtles would swim around you close enough to be touched when you dove down to visit them. Coral Gardens stretched out in continuous or sporadic areas of action.

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above the water and on the sand hermit crabs are kings. They scamper all about and climb everything they can, searching for all that is edible and cleaning the areas of all things that may become foul. there extra terrestrial presence created a constant memory that the greatest fascinations and wonders that need to be protected are found right here on earth.

this is a land of wonder. Viva Isla Coiba

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  1. thanks, wonderful souvenir in words and images from coiba Island