Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Trak Across a Wave

My heart pounded in my throat. My pulse raced. I carried a flimsy aluminum frame wrapped in a plastic impregnated canvas down to a surf beach. It looked like a sea kayak, and paddled like a sea kayak, weighed about the same as a fiberglass sea kayak, though it folded up into a golf bag.

Am I sane? I asked myself as I climbed into the cockpit, fastening the spray skirt amongst the swirling shore surge. I looked forward at the surf rushing in towards me with walls of ravenous white water. What’s the worst that can happen? I again rhetorically queried (not really wanting to know the answer). My mind was swirling like the foam in the shallows around me. I was about to take my Trak kayak out into the surf for the first time, and my doubts of it sea worthiness came leaping into my head and my instincts, though I Had to test what it could do and take. “Let’s see what you are made of!!!” I exclaimed and pushed off into the surf as the next surge lifted the boat clear of the sand.

I have had my hands on the Trak for a week now. And I have been very impressed by its pack ability, ease of set up and break down and how well it paddles in average conditions. I managed to get a bit of storm swell surfing on the inside passage of Vancouver Island and I was impressed by its speed. But could it take a thrashing on the open coast??


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