Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fishing for Cod

Norway(c)JSharp2010-8943 Norway(c)JSharp2010-8962Norway(c)JSharp2010-8945Norway(c)JSharp2010-8959     
I headed out fishing With Lise and her brother, Andreas (who is a real Norwegian fisherman), on his commercial fishing boat. Was a lot of fun, fishing until 12 at night and the sun only just then dipped below the horizon? I both Lise and I caught big fishes, but not many all together unlike the day before where they showed me pictures of the boat filled with fish.

Back at port we cleaned the fish and I was given a lot of it to take home (very nice). Then Andreas asked if I wanted to go for a drink. Sure I said, not wanting to miss a chance to socialise, though I was taken back when we pulled up outside a Milkshake Stand!
“You know Andreas!” I stated with a smirk, “fishermen where I come from Drink beer! You guys are a funny bread of working man here in Norway!”
Andreas just laughed.

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