Monday, November 22, 2010

They say those who make mistakes are those people who haven’t a clue or those who know better.
People with half a brain on a subject generally avoid possible conflict with it, however those who tend to deal with something a lot can become a bit blasé and over look a little thing that can lead to an interesting adventure, though could also lead to tragedy. Tragedy is often the outcome for those who don’t have a clue, though hopefully those who should know better know how to deal with the mistake and come out of it with a smile.
My recent mistake (though not a super critical one) lead to an interesting adventure, however I should point out it was a shared mistake and a shared adventure, and shared by two people who should know better and thankfully, by Luck and preparedness, where able to get through it.
Trak on the Ferry

After being on Vancouver Island awhile I wanted to explore a bit so I had loaded my folding Trak kayak onto its travel bag from the roof of my car, using the bag with wheels as a kayak cart and Boarded the ferry to Powell River as foot traffic. I was heading over to catch up with a Friend Hugh who ran an outdoor adventure operation there, he had turned down my request to join me for the paddle over the Georgia straight from Comox to Powell river, in hopes of a less character building paddle (this trip would have been 16 nautical miles and about 5 hours) but had invited me to come stay the night at his place for a great dinner and the next day head to Saltery Bay south of Powell River with the thought of exploring the area.
Loading up Hughs truck
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Response to my adventure tales

"On a Yak About the World".  Thank you Jaime for your excellent slideshow presentation on November 3, 2010. It clearly demonstrated a new way for people to explore their passion for kayaking and travelling the world. Back packing a kayak is a brilliant idea and  the tales you shared along with the videos totally captivated the audience. It was amazing how well the Trak T-1600 performed in big seas, strong currents and crashing surf.  Did you notice how the members took a real interest in exploring the folding kayak? I would like take this opportunity to wish you good fortune with your endeavors and to invite you back to present to our club in the near future. Members of the Nanaimo Paddlers have requested your blog site and would like to follow your adventures kayak adventures in New Zealand. By Gloria Martens, Program Coordinator for Nanaimo Paddlers

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New expediton Member Joined the Kayak Downunder NZ expediton

Welcome Dave Briggs to the World Wild Adventure team and the Kayak Down Under Expedition.

Dave and I have Known each other for 5 years while working on the Oceans and jungle rivers of Belize, Central America. I am stoked to have this experienced canadian along for the ride and cant wait to see what he thinks of my home land as we explore it as not many have.
Dave unfortunatley won't be able to join the expedition untill the end of January, once he has finished his obligations to work in Belize and help train the new staff that will be taking our place while we are on this expedition. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kayak Downunder NZ Expedition Starting Soon

I have been developing an Expedition Concept over the year to return Back to New Zealand to Kayak around the North Island with my Trak Kayak, then to Kayak the length of NZ using the Trak to start then switching to a more large expedition suited Glass boat.

More Info at the official Site
we will be linking  periodic blog updates to this site as it is a World Wild Adventure Project.

The Trip will begin at the end of Dec 2010 at the north western tip of the North Island, and travel 1500 nautical miles along the east coast to the southern tip of Stewart Island, finishing before late April.

This trip also hopes to birth a great adventure Documentary, spotlighting the journey and the Sea kayak Culture of the Country.
We still need sponsors for some more equipment and some funding for camera equipment to make this a real pro production. Any one who wishes to help, Sponsor or donate, please Contact me at

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jaime’s First Public Speaking Promotion Talk

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I presented a one and a half hour talk at the Nanaimo paddlers club meeting last night. There where people form all over Vancouver Island present ( about 40 in total). The presentation was primarily about my journeys over the last 6 months with the folding Trak kayak, through Europe, though also touched on my kayak journeys and work in Central America and finished with talking about my up coming journey along the coast of New Zealand.

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The presentation featured Photos, short video mixed with music, Promotion of Sponsors and key products (namely the T-1600 folding Kayak by Trak Kayaks) and the live narrated stories of Jaime’s experiences.

People where very impressed by the journeys I had taken the Trak on, and my ability to document the journey through photo and film. people poured all over the kayak at the end, full of questions and curiosity.


“What a fantastic presentation!” Gloria Martens member of Nanaimo Paddlers Club.