Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jaime’s First Public Speaking Promotion Talk

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I presented a one and a half hour talk at the Nanaimo paddlers club meeting last night. There where people form all over Vancouver Island present ( about 40 in total). The presentation was primarily about my journeys over the last 6 months with the folding Trak kayak, through Europe, though also touched on my kayak journeys and work in Central America and finished with talking about my up coming journey along the coast of New Zealand.

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The presentation featured Photos, short video mixed with music, Promotion of Sponsors and key products (namely the T-1600 folding Kayak by Trak Kayaks) and the live narrated stories of Jaime’s experiences.

People where very impressed by the journeys I had taken the Trak on, and my ability to document the journey through photo and film. people poured all over the kayak at the end, full of questions and curiosity.


“What a fantastic presentation!” Gloria Martens member of Nanaimo Paddlers Club.


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