Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lendal Paddles Has Found Its New Look!

Watch out World, Lendal is back and the new paddles are looking out of this world!

I am super excited to see Lendal Finaly stepping up to the new technology Werner has been hogging these last few years and it looks as though Lendal may be back in the lead! Good job Micheal Duffy, Dave Hulburt and Nigel Denise!

Lendal® Introduces the New X-Range Paddle --- the Strongest, Lightest Lendal Ever
Rochester, NY. (August 3, 2011)—Lendal North America announces the launch of the Lendal X-range touring paddles; a major step forward in innovation and technology.
Lendal’s new X-Range combines the renowned performance of the Kinetik Touring blade with the latest in composite engineering. Designed by kayakers for kayakers, this four piece paddle features aerospace carbon technology and customized Paddlok® design. Our new manufacturing process ensures that X-Range paddles have the highest quality, are extremely lightweight, and remarkably strong. The four-piece paddles continue to demonstrate exceptional rigidity due to the patented Paddlok system, with a new ergonomic, elegant design. Handcrafted in America, the X-Range represents Lendal’s commitment to quality and innovation.
Based on feedback from world-class paddlers, X-Range shafts feature a bio-engineered grip that is formed directly into the shaft reducing hand fatigue and increasing hand comfort. Two grip profiles accommodate paddlers with smaller and larger hands along with straight and modified crankshaft versions.
The X-Range series blades currently consists of our most popular Lendal blades, the Kinetic Touring 650 and Kinetic Touring 700. We replaced the center rib with a foam-filled, foiled back face for a more fluid feel on the water while retaining proven power face geometry. In the words of Neil Baxter, World Champion kayaker and the original designer of the kinetik blade, “The new shaft adds to the sensations of control. In a quite awkward sea and wind I felt totally at home with the blade in minutes always knowing the exact position of the blade to water and wind. Overall a very pleasant experience. On the downwind using stern draws and the ever present reverse steering stroke it was masterful. I would give the blades a 10 out of 10!

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