Monday, March 12, 2012

Jan 25th Return to Coiba!

©JaimeSharp-07648We are on Coiba Island, with some great guests, we will be exploring a very small part of the island with them while we are here, though it will be a good taste. we have the TRAK's here in their bags, though will set them up and send the Bag's back to Santa Catalina when our guests leave on the 27th.
I am eager to get underway, and things seem to be going sour as far as our permission to continue afterwards. I am a bit worried that the Rangers will renege the permission; is it because Allie is a girl? is it because they want money? we will see. for now we enjoy the sights by kayak and snorkel with our guests.

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For me it is so cool to be back here on Coiba with the plans and the means to circumnavigate this island that captured my imagination 2 years ago.
We plan to paddle around the island in a counter clockwise direction, the circumference of the island is roughly 66 NM, then we have a 32 nm distance to travel back to Santa Catalina, via an island chain then the main land coast. it will be hot and awesome.
Here are some pics of the area:

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