Tuesday, May 1, 2012



I am loaded up with 3 TRAK kayaks, one has custom white water thigh braces that where made for Ken Whiting when he ran the Ottawa river a couple of years back. This should improve the surf play abilities and the river running abilities of the TRAK, I will test it out in the coming week during a 6 day raft supported Journey Down the Salmon River in Idaho………….IF I GET THERE!


The bus is loaded up and I am now stuck in the car park f Goodyear Tires just south of the border, as I got a flat tire and I do not have a jack or spare ( I am still figuring out what i need for this strange vehicle). thankfully I have CAA and they towed the van for me here for free last night.


I slept in the bus in the car park and now I am getting a new tire fitted as the old one exploded. $200 USD later I will be on the road with a day and a half to get to Stanley Idaho, which is about a 12 hour drive still. Ahhhh! the adventures continue with the bus. I am little stressed, hopefully she (the bus) will get me to the river and back?

The goal of the rest of the  TRIP is to Head to Tahoe after the Salmon River, do some Filming there for TRAK Files, then heada out to the Coast and paddle and explore the coast back up to BC before the end of the month. We will see if this happens I hope the Bus does not let me down.


Stay Tuned

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