Monday, January 7, 2013

Returned From the Grand Canyon Sea Kayak Expedition.

James Manke finding out if the Rafting Class 9 rapids are actually 6's if you do them backwards in a Kayak. A: No.
On new years day we loaded up our sea kayaks and gear onto a trailer with 5 cross river boats and a OC1 and headed for Flagstaff up the Diamond Creek access road; this would be only on small step in the 4 day journey to get back home to the Pacific Northwest of Canada. We had just finished taking four fully loaded Sea Kayaks down the Grand Canyon on a self supported trip and the whole thing seemed like a dream and still does.
It was certainly a different trip for all (even for those who paddle rivers often), throwing in loaded sea kayaks into the dynamics of the river created some high octane fun and tension the whole way, even when we felt comfortable the long spear like heavy boats, could punch most features with some intent. There were beat downs, Swims, Many Rolls, airborne highs and submerged lows, as well as some great epic fun, challenge and enjoyment in a most amazing place! For those, like James Manke, who this was their first real River trip, the trip was a step learning curve and proved to me that sea kayakers with the right skill set could survive and learn to negotiate a river system, even with a Greenland Paddle!

Everybody is now back in there respective homes and processing thoughts, Images, film and stories so stay tuned for some of that to come over the following months as we aim to share the adventure and eventually get a short film out near the end of the year.
~ Jaime ~
The Crew Getting back in our boats after scouting a Rapid.

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