Monday, May 30, 2011

Hands Off Kimberley Coast Protest songs!

I was in Broome today when members of The Pigram Brothers performed a gig outside the local Woodside office with Wil Thomas, travelling musician Dave Mann and didgeridoo artist Paul Boon.
the musicians wanted Woodside to consider other locations for its proposed $30 billion gas processing plant at James Price Point and to not develop the untouched and special Kimberley Coast.
This Protest Concert also coincided with three others, one in Perth, one in Melbourne and the other Sydney, with artist Jimmy Barnes and John Butler leading the fray with there big names!

see here for full story »

And for more info on the issue go here

this development would be a true loss to the world not just Western Australia, this coast line leaves me breathless and needs to be preserved.

View From Price Point the Heart of the proposed Gas Plant location

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