Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Protests continue at James Price Point

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Hero of the Country; Shane, locked on to the Bulldozer to halt it in its tracks!
June 7th, protesters met Woodside contractors on the road to James Price Point north of Broome. A small group who got wind of the movement of bulldozers and other equipment formed a human chain across the road and delayed progress, and a protester chained himself to the bulldozer on it’s trailer.
Meanwhile a small car with no wheels appeared on the road further down the track and a steady stream of Broome locals joined Joe and Phillip Roe and Therasa, who are Traditional Owners, native title claimants and Law Boss for the area, in protecting Country from planned clearing.
Another protester replaced the first chained to the bulldozer and at time of writing was settling in for the night…
After herding off Woodside contractors on his camel this protester took a moment to enjoy the music. MURRANJI PHOTOGRAPHY 2011

A ‘back of the ute’ concert from Dave Mann and Will Thomas, juggling and singing accompanied the firm but non-violent protest message and strong cross-cultural community spirit as Greens MLC Robin Chapple and a diverse cross section of Broome business owners and residents supported the road blockade and bulldozer lock on.
Woodside want to start clearing bush in the area they propose for a huge Gas plant. Protesters point out that this development is NOT APPROVED by the WA EPA, the WA environment Minister, the Federal Environment Minister, Woodside’s joint venture partners and not even at final investment decision point for Woodside itself. Compulsory acquisition of the land from the native title claimants is still on the table and is currently the subject of a legal challenge.
This development is clearly not approved by the Broome community and they were there to show that and stop the pre-emptive clearing of bushland.
THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES – gas could be processed offshore like Shell is doing or processed in the Pilbara where there is already established infrastructure. A port and plant at James Price Point would be environmentally and culturally damaging.

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