Wednesday, June 8, 2011

update day 2 Kimberley protest against James Price Point gas

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Latest: 10:14 pm Goolaraboolo family and supporters are currently sitting in front of the bulldozer. They will not move. They expect more police at dawn to move the dozer. Please – lots of people early to support please – Day 3 tomorrow is shaping up as another big one..
5:32 pm 8th June 2011: Both Shane and Shayne have just been cut off the bulldozer and car respectively. For local hero Shane that represents one of the longer ‘lock ons’ in protest history. This is not the end of the story, no matter where you are – if you can get out there soon. The Country needs you.
The protest is ongoing as of tonight:
“Protesters and police camped on the site of the blockade last night and are expected to remain in the position about 15km from James Price Point into tonight.
Broome Shire earthmoving equipment remains on site to clear the road but at this stage cannot make it down the road as two cars have broken down blocking a route to another derelict vehicle further down the track.” Source: accessed 6:03PM WA 08/06/11

Joseph Roe, Goolarabooloo Lawman and Traditional Owner of James Price Point (Walmadan) standing firm on the Manari Rd to James Price Point. MURRANJI PHOTOGRAPHY 2011
If you are interested in traveling to the Kimberley to help out look at
Want to help Save The Kimberley?
There was broad coverage of the unfolding events on evening TV news.
Online articles:
And the incongruously headlined:

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