Monday, January 30, 2012

Allies Birthday Night in Panama City

Jan 10th 2012
My first sight of the city in daylight...palm trees, heat like an oven, wild erratic driving, a skyline of high rises (mostly all residential rather than commercial), seaside promenade looking out at fishing boats, a cruise ship or two, and surprisingly clean streets and surroundings....welcome to Panama City!
We spend our first day, which also happens to be my birthday, in town mostly sleeping (my god it didn’t matter how hot it was, I was out like a light).
- A -
IMG_2997Casco Viejo, the old town, beautiful colonial buildings being restored one by one. Quite an undertaking with so many buildings. This area is now a mix of gutted buildings piled high with rubble inside, while others are finished and looking stately and expensive. Juliette balconies reminding me of Paris with their colourful flowers and greenery, while painted sunny and cheerful Caribbean colours, the buildings reminded us both of Antigua in Guatemala. In about 5 to 10 years these cobblestone streets will no doubt be teeming with rich gringos staying in the boutique hotels, and dining at expensive restaurants. for now though the streets are cluttered smelly and extremely interesting, lots of wonderful food options from upscale restaurants at very North American prices to roller door Comidas serving many sorts of meats on rice for $2 a large plate. we had a great Brunch of Ceviche done with Pineapple and Coconut, then for dinner we had a amazing Italian style Pizza for $7us per pizza with $1.50 Cervezas (Beer), awesome.
                                                   - A 'n' J -

©JaimeSharp-6That evening was a bit of a gong show complete with a 2 hour party bus ride for $10 each with some dancing, all you can drink Rum and Coke, travelers from multiple nations. we then moved on to a rowdy outdoor bar called Relic at this point Allie made friends with a Woman and her millionaire Panamanian friend and we found ourselves ripping around town in a Porsche Carrera looking for Places in which to dance the night away, oh did I mention all this at about 100kph and sliding sideways around corners? well it was only some times. crazy driver!!
- J -
Video of Party Bus
Video Of Porsche Ride

Jaime was wearing shorts so many places (ones were everyone was dressed in white and others where there where limos lined up outside) were a no go, that left us a strip club, and finally yes, a cheesy Latina bar playing passable music to dance to. Not my ideal choice of how to spend my birthday but hey, it was good for a laugh, and I just remember we’re only a couple days away from the beaches of Santa Catalina.
- A -

Oh yeah adventures in the City we can't wait to get out to the Coast!

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