Monday, January 16, 2012


Filming for upcoming episodes of the "TRAK Files" (Sponsored by TRAK Performance Folding Kayaks) that I am working on will be priority, along with a couple of short films on the country and our adventures. Keep up with our adventures while we greet new days with yoga, learn to surf on warm friendly beaches, meet interesting characters, paddle the coastline of an island chain in the pacific, camp under starry skies or in jungle canopies and explore lush jungle rivers in hopes of a river journey from the mountains to the Caribbean sea.       - J -

“Travel and writing go hand in hand for me. I love to wander the wilds seeking out adventure and showcasing that which is curious and finding the unexpected and remarkable in it.  Sometimes it’s aimless, allowing space for it all to unfold, sometimes there’s a more solid grasp of its focus.  Travel is my way of life, it is what colours my tapestry so intrinsically and I find great value in connecting with kindred spirits and familiarizing myself with other fascinating cultures. 

Adventure for me can come in so many forms - where do you feel the most alive?  Where do you release to what is happening in front of you in this very moment? It can be found in physical endeavors such as sea kayak expeditions, or getting lost in a foreign city or the world’s largest souks, to midnight missions in the mountainous forests on a summer solstice.  ‘The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask’ (180 degrees South;2010), they push my limitations, expose my fears, and as a result leave me with a better understanding of myself.
Through writing I strive to continually refine my greater purpose, to vulnerably let all parts of me, good and bad, shine through, to nurture my voice and develop my style.  This is what I most admire in other writers and I hope to instill a similar sense of inspiration in my readers when they can connect with what I write about. I love learning to bring images alive, to convey feeling so the reader may get inside the memory of my shared tale rather than from the outside watching me remember it. It is my outlet for creativity and a forum to provoke conversation and action in our lives.”                                      --allie carroll

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