Monday, February 6, 2012

Arrival in Santa Catalina

After a rough bus ride and a feisty barter with the flat deck taxi driver ( he wanted to charge $50 to Santa Catalina) due to no more Buses that night. We eventually settled on $35 though Allie wasn’t totally happy with that. With the Back fully loaded with TRAK Folding kayaks and bags we where off to Santa Catalina.
Here is Allie’s point of view on arriving.   
- J -

Panama to Santa Catalina_thumb[1] 
“Um Paradise? Hi, lovely to meet you, name’s Allie, I think we’re gonna be best friends. Ok?” (Hmm, strikingly similar to how my best friend Bree and I met years ago, pretty sure it’s the exact same conversation we had. It sure turned out alright eh Bree?!)

Allie putting up a fight for a better fare.
We are Loaded (yes, capital L loaded) down with gear. These folding kayaks are heavy business, thank god they’re on wheels! We pull into Santa Catalina in the dark, and already the vibe is laaiid back mon. Barefoot, surfboard-toting locals and gringos alike, pedestrians and bikes roam the roads, the air is smelling oh so sweet. We find a lodging right on the beach that offers a spot to pitch our tent. I can barely see our surroundings save for the twinkling lights in the trees, but I don’t need to - the surf below the ledge we’re on is loud and tells me enough to know I love where we’ve landed! The crickets might be louder though, I’m not sure. I’ve got a $@!# eating grin on my face and I squeal as excitedly and quietly as I can so as not to wake up the neighbouring tent. I’m in paradise.
Our first morning we rise with the sun, in a full screen tent with no fly, open to the light and warm breeze. to a hammock, this is best way to wake up. I notice the surf is waaay out now, I can still smell the smoldering of last night’s bonfire down the beach, and a young palm frond grows in the grass right next to my face. I take a deep inhale....stretch my limbs....curl up and go right back to sleep. There’s all the time in the world today and I’m in no rush to get anywhere. When I do finally wake up, I take a good morning yoga stretch and look out to the water where I see Jaime playing and doing handstands on the beach. Yes! Let’s go! I grab my bikini, and head out to meet him where we spend the next 3 hours playing in the waves next to the surfers and other body surfers. Amazing. I let out a few good squeals left from the night before, and a few newly refreshed this morning. I look back at the beach where a line of perfect palm trees are backed by small slopes of lush greenery, little cabanas painted bright pink, green, blue, and purple rest in the shade. I squeeze my fists so hard in excitement throwing my arms in the air and fall back splashing in ecstasy.

©JaimeSharp-3338Welcome to the next few months of my life in Santa Catalina.
Time for a siesta in the hammock while the reggae plays in the surrounding yard, and some light work in the afternoon doing editing on the computers then exploring the town on bike. To the good life!
- Allie -

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