Wednesday, July 18, 2012

June 1st 2012; The New World Wild Expedition Mobile!



Ok so I have picked up and old Diesel Short bus. a “91 Ford E350” with a 7.3 ltr V8 Diesel Engine. It has only 132,000km’s on her, these engines are good for at least 500,000kms. Being an old wheel chair transporter, she is empty in the back and ready to be designed as a portable adventure HQ and Bio Diesel machine.  Loaded up with Gear Storage, sleeping quarters and kitchen is the hope. Maybe a Roof Rack/upper patio and certainly an internal power system for on the road computer editing.

We will see how she goes, I don’t want to put to much money into her until she has proven herself this summer with a road trip around the NW USA. I will keep the blog updated with our adventures together!


Here she is Standard as Purchased!


And now roughly set up to sleep and adventure from!



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