Monday, July 23, 2012

June 2012 Pautiq Camp



The first camping trip in the Wagon was to Shawnigan Lake for the Greenland paddlers Pautiq camp on Vancouver Island. It was basically good excuse for Greenland style paddlers and rollers to get together and have some fun.



During this time, I got talked into training for a competition held in Seattle in Nov, and so because of that I purchased a “new for me” boat, and second hand “Tahe Greenlander”, the premium rolling boat. wow a touch crazy though i am serious about learning and this boat is the best, plus it will be key in me learning what I can from in order to possibly develop a Greenland style folding boat with TRAK.DCIM\100GOPROIMG_4013IMG_3996

the Weekend was fun and casual and full of socialising and learning, plus just some crazy fun!


The Bus had it’s first adventure too, in the fact it rained during the weekend, and the heavy old thing sunk in the grass and I couldn’t drive out with out having gravel being poured under the wheels and being towed. oh the fun!

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