Monday, July 2, 2012

Isla Coiba Expedition Feb 6th 2012; A Beach



Trip Log:

Distance: 6 KNM

Weather: Sunny with light winds

Dinner: Instant noodles chocolate brownies


DSC07919We woke to relaxed morning and came out to fried fish and plantains once again, this time for breakfast, and still delicious. We then hung out with Felix and his niece and nephew “Genisis” and “Joseph” all day. We all talked about Canada and New Zealand, looked at pictures of the countries in books and discussed other places in the world. Felix had never left the province of Veruagas, Panama, yet was very curious about the rest of the world. We then played in the Folding TRAK kayaks and Felix’s dugout canoe/Kayaks that had Greenland style wooden paddles. I showed them my attempts at Greenland balance braces and rolls with the TRAK kayak and their heavy hardwood paddles, quite fun, everyone was excited by the concept of rolling a kayak.



After smoked fish and rice for lunch we sleep in some hammocks in the shade until 3pm before we left at 3.45pm. It was an awkward and sad leaving, with us not wanting to over stay our welcome, though the family was obviously sad we couldn’t stay longer, Allie and I both agreed we would try and return in the following weeks for a longer stay and bring some gifts and food to contribute and thank the Hernade’s with. The family helped us launch the boats and, intrigued, watched us paddled out through the now small surf, they lingered on the beach until we were but specks rounding the nearest point


Pushing on for about 5 KNM we came to a bay Felix informed us would have good beaches, he suggested we stop and see a guy there he knew, though we liked he thought of having and solitary night and choose a corner of a big beach by a river, here we bathed, cooked instant noodles and baked a chocolate brownie in the Dutch oven upon the fire, then slept.


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