Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Grand Canyon Beckons


Excitement fills my heart as I read that I Have secured a permit to run a non commercial trip on the Grand Canyon for August 2013. I pay my $400 deposit and that is that, it is official. 16 months from now, all going to plan, myself and 15 others will be kitting up rafts and kayaks to embark on an epic river adventure of a lifetime down the Grandest Canyon on dry land.


As a child in New Zealand I read of the journey along the Colorado river; 3 years ago I finally stood on the south rim of the Grand Canyon and dreamed of being on that river Below traveling the massive and stunning landscape. Now, after years of wanting waiting I just entered into the lottery when it felt right and two days later I have the permit. woo hoo! Starting this summer I must get back into some rafting and paddle more white water in Prep. As the trip logistics progress I will publish insights and prep adventures, and then give the great insight into our personal journey down the canyon in 2013.



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  1. You jammy effing git.... well deserved though :-)