Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jan 28th Big Fish are Biting.


Sunny and Hot

Distance: 4 KNM

Camp at Hermosa Point beach (Playa Blanco)

©JaimeSharp-8724On the water earlier today, though still not early enough. The Surf was slamming the beach, though the waves only a foot and a half high. We lunched of the beach with the sea socks in the TRAK’s, due to the fact we were launching through dumping surf and there was no time to get skirts on, you had to just go and get out the back. We got some distance covered though still not much, Allie is struggling with energy and the heat so is not getting more than 1.5 KNM out of her arms. We came across an awesome beach at 10 am, big, loaded with various types of forest; Mangroves, Coco nut palm groves, coastal Littoral forest, all backed by the primary growth rainforest. We decided it was to cool a beach to pass up and headed in.

Coming through light surf was fun, the striking contrast of aqua water meeting the reddish water of the surf zone (caused by red sand being stirred up), meeting the contrast of the Yellow TRAK’s, Blue skies and Green Forest was quite visual over loading. I struggled to capture that image on Camera and failed miserably. Tucking into the shade of the overgrown beach edge, the day was already super hot. I found some coconuts; climbed a Palm for two big green ones (very sweet water), buried a sharpened stick as a spike, and opened a 5 up. We drank the water of three, ate the flesh and saved the rest for cooking later. Deciding the beach was two awesome to move on, we set up camp amongst the leafy understory of the coastal forest. Scarlet Macaws flew over head, the striking size and color of the pair keep you watching even after they were well gone, hoping they would return. Hopefully Allie will get some rest and we will start super early in the morning while it is still dark, get a bunch of distance done in the cool of early morning, and this way hopefully start covering the 10knm a day we need in order to complete the circumnavigation in the time we have credited of 10 days (we only have 8 left).©JaimeSharp-07682

©JaimeSharp-07686That afternoon after a good siesta in the shade of the broad leafed sea grape bushes, we went to the river at the far end of the beach. Here 40 foot mangrove trees stood and the waters teamed with fish, hopefully I was going to get dinner this time. I put the flesh of yesterdays little fish on a hook and dashed it amongst the large fish, they all ignored it except a small fish who gave it a go. The short fight before he let it go again, spooked all the fish and they never again even looked at the bait. GRRRRRRRRR! This is so frustrating what fish ignores bait on a hook, Especially those that are never really fished?

I gave up for a while ad bathed in the river quickly and apprehensively, always not sure about Crocs, they never are a problem though and we have yet to see one. I took my bait and headed to the estuary mouth were the tide was now coming in. I caste my line into the out flowing current and let it sit and swoosh around with the waves. Eventually something nibbled, then a pause, the line went tight and the something ran with the bait. I struck and started pulling….. the line went lose. OH.... Grr! I cast the line again, I waited.. .. A nibble, ….. I waited…….a Pull…… I waited……. The pull turns to a movement and I STRIKE. The line cause taught in my hand and a good size fish start running. The line pulls a little through my hand. “Oh Crap, it isn't a shark is it?…. I don’t want a shark! Next minute I see the back of the fish in the muddy water amongst the waves it was a ©JaimeSharp-8728large Snapper. “WOOOO HOOO!” my heart raced with jubilation I was nervous I would lose my prize and I ran him along the beach clear of some fallen trees in the small river mouth, the next rushing wave that came in, I ran up the beach dragging my prize onto the shore. “Woooooo HOOOOO!” so happy, he was a biggy, two meals worth at least. I beat it over the head with a rock and ran off with it in my fist to show Allie what was for dinner. The Macaws flew back across the beach, shining brilliantly in the golden light of the setting sun, while the tall mangroves created a glowing reflection across the flat river estuary, what a magic place




That night the waves broke, sparkling in the moonlight, upon the beach while the stars shone brightly above our heads. we dined on fried fish with Rice cooked in Coconut water with chunks of Coconut. It was delicious. Tomorrow morning we will be up an hour before the sun (6.45 sunrise here) in an effort to get big distances done before 11am and the intense heat of the day.


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